Green Tea

"Much more than a refreshing beverage"

We are not only an award winning Black Tea producer but the third largest producer of Green Teas in Sri Lanka.

Drinking Ceylon Green Tea help to fight against cellular ageing, thanks to its anti free radical action. Radella Estate is our only estate that presents an array of pure Ceylon Green Teas. The light golden brew similar to the color of young sunrays bears the signature mark of Radella Green Teas. Produced from the highest quality, tender, light green leaves, using high quality processing methods, every cup of Radella Green Tea is satisfying.

The flavor, aura and texture of Radella Green Teas is truly amazing and is easily distinguishable from other brands of green tea in the market

In addition, the UTZ Certification of Radella Estate guarantees that the Green Tea produced there conforms to international standards in sustainable farming.