"Sustainability is about making an effort…, cause when deeds speak, words are silent. Environmental protection, good agricultural practices, producing a quality tea and improving the quality of life of our people is the foundation of our sustainable business philosophy. ".


Through our robust and holistic sustainability initiatives, we transform Tea Estates in to Tea Sanctuaries by protecting our rich biodiversity and ecosystems which provide profound and diverse living habitats for our present and future generations, fauna and flora.

All vulnerable water sources on our estates, such as water falls, springs and streams are adequately protected to ensure regular replenishment and all wastewater from our estates is purified before being released into natural water ways and streams. With an integrated pest management system, we have also completely stopped the spraying of pesticides making use of natural-pest-controllers like birds to control pests, nature's way.

As a result the marshes and ravines in the area are now teeming with rare flora and fauna. From rabbits to falcons, butterflies to pond skaters' wildlife and plant life have begun to thrive in numbers once again, making us determined to continue our efforts in protecting the beautiful mountain ranges

Energy Management and sourcing renewable energy is one of the key areas of sustainability for us. We are committed to reducing our indirect energy consumption and is proud to be a supplier to the national electricity grid.

National Green Awards

Mattakelle Estate received national recognition with a bronze award for environmental and sustainability initiatives at the National Green Awards Competition held by the Central Environmental Authority in 2011.

We have also obtained 'Ethical Tea Partnership Certification' and 'Rainforest Alliance Certification' for all our estates in addition to 'UTZ Certification for Radella Estate for practising internationally accepted sustainable farming.

More than 244 hectares within Talawakelle Tea Estates have been identified as high bio-diversity areas and the company has taken necessary precautions to ensure their sustainability by creating buffer zones for chemical spraying, vegetation barriers, green belts, education of the staff etc.

Among faunal species identified are many species of mammals, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, amphibians, reptiles, fish, crabs and land mollusks. Out of over 220 species of vertebrates and invertebrates identified on estates, surveys reveal the existence of 39 Endemic species, 12 critically endangered (CR)/endangered (EN) species, 12 threatened species, 4 vulnerable (VU) species and 24 near threatened (NT) species as per the IUCN Red Data List published in 2007.


Dengue Awareness Programme at Kiruwanaganga Estate

Organisation, from its inception, the company has demonstrated a strong commitment for societal benefits and our CSR philosophy emphasizes more on Community Development as opposed to Charity. We are passionate about serving the communities we live in and this passion is greatly evident in the numerous projects and activities conducted by us at all our Tea Estates.

  • Projects :

    Under the dimension of early childhood and development for health and nutrition 21,732 children will benefit from such activities as the free mid-day meal, dental clinics, eye care, daycare, CDC activities and sports activities.

  • Awareness Training :

    We have improved the lives of more than 5,000 participants by training them in community capacity building through activities like, Dengue Awareness Programs, HIV/AIDS Awareness Programs, Waste Management and Micro Financing.

    Under our preventive healthcare program we have provided more than 30,000 residents with immunization coverage during recent years.

    From Childcare to Education, Health, Caring for Elders, Religious and event sports and recreation, we at Talawakelle Teas are always ready to go that extra mile in achieving our CSR objectives.


Our Employees are our greatest asset. at Talawakelle Teas' this is more than just a tagline or a slogan. Over the years we have invested strongly in developing our human resources.

Our goal is to provide as many opportunities as possible for our staff to enhance their knowledge. The results are visible in our dynamic and highly motivated team that continues to perform at remarkable levels of efficiency.

Awards & Certifications

Over the years, we have been recognised and rewarded with a plethora of national as well as international awards, recognitions and certifications which in itself is a testament to the outstanding levels of quality the company emphasises on.