Auction News

Colombo Tea Auction - SALE NO: 7 - 12TH/ 13TH FEBRUARY 2019

Overall, quantity declined fairly significantly from the preceding Auction and totalled 6.4 M/kgs. Low Growns continued to meet with good demand, whilst High & Mid Grown Small Leaf teas witnessed excellent demand for the better/seasonal teas, whilst the others were irregular and often easier.

Ex-Estate offerings totalled 0.95 M/kgs, which had on offer a wider selection of seasonal teas. Best Western BOP/BOPF's - select invoices gained substantially following special inquiry, whilst the other BOP's were irregular. The corresponding BOPF often declining by Rs. 20/- per kg and more. In the Below Best category BOP/BOPF's were firm and Rs. 20/- per kg easier. At the lower end BOP's were barely steady, whilst the corresponding BOPF declined Rs. 20/- per kg and more. Nuwara Eliya - select BOP/BOPF invoices substantially dearer, others irregular following quality. Udapussellawa BOP's barely steady, whilst the BOPF's were irregular following quality. Uva BOP's irregular, whilst corresponding BOPF declined Rs. 20/- per kg and more, in most instances. High & Mid Grown CTC BP1's were firm, whilst the PF1's declined Rs. 10-20/- per kg. Corresponding Low Grown BP1's irregularly dearer, whilst select PF1's gained Rs. 10-20/- per kg, whilst the others continued to sell around last. Liquoring Leafy teas met with less demand.

Low Growns comprised of approximately 3.2 M/kgs in the Leafy/Tippy catalogues this week. There was good demand. In the Leafy catalogue, OP1/BOP1's were fully firm to dearer. Better PEK/PEK1's too were sold around last levels barring a few bolder PEK's that declined Rs. 5-10/- per kg and more. At the lower end too prices were fully firm to dearer. Select best OP/OPA's maintained. Others were barely steady. At the lower end, stalky types were generally easier. In the Tippy catalogue, FBOP's were fully firm to dearer, whilst FF1's were irregular. A range of cleaner secondaries however sold around last levels. In the Premium catalogue too a select range of well made teas maintained. Others were mostly lower to last. There was fair demand from shippers to CIS, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq and Dubai.

Low Growns comprised of 2.8 M/kgs in the Leafy/Tippy catalogues. There was good demand, particularly at the lower end of the market in the Leafy catalogue. Select best BOP1/OP1's were fully firm to irregularly dearer. Others were generally lower to last. A selection of better PEK/PEK1's maintained, whilst others were barely steady. Better OP/OPA's though irregular were firm, whilst teas at the lower end gained Rs.10-20/- per kg and at times more. In the Tippy catalogue, better FBOP's were firm to selectively dearer whilst others were barely steady. Select best FF1's gained on last whilst others were easier. At the lower end however, there was good demand. In the Premium catalogue, better teas were fully firm to dearer whilst others were irregular to last. There was good demand from shippers to Turkey, CIS, Libya, Iraq, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.


  • Great Western BOP
  • Dessford BOPF
    Rs. 780
  • Mattakelle Dust1
    Rs. 920
  • Kiruwanaganga OP
    Rs. 900