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The intensity of the sun and the cool misty nights combine with the monsoonal rains and the rich earth that nurtures the tea bushes to yield the ideal two leaves and a bud. Each of our estates produces tea brands that offer an exclusive yet distinct flavour…

We produce high-quality Ceylon Tea in seventeen tea gardens located in Sri Lanka’s (Formerly Ceylon) best tea growing areas. The Dimbulla Valley in the Central Hills of Sri Lanka is home to twelve of these estates producing High Grown specialty Dimbula Teas while the remaining five estates are located on the lush planes of the South producing Low Grown leafy grades (Ruhuna Teas) that make a strong brew. In order to produce a quality tea, all the estates envisage a “quality policy” based on consistency and attention to detail as well as ethical agricultural practices.

Our estates have the following Certifications and Accreditations:

  • Ethical Tea Partnership Certification - All except Palmerston and Indola Estates, where there are no factories
  • Rainforest Alliance Certification - Mattakelle, Bearwell, Holyrood, Great Western, Wattegodde and Palmerston Estates
  • ISO 22000 Certification - Radella, Dessford, Great Western, Holyrood, Mattakelle, Moragalla, Handford, Deniyaya and Kiruwanaganga Estates
  • UTZ Sustainable Tea Certification - Radella Estate

Our cumulative capital expenditure every year reflects our commitment to key areas of development; field development, quality assurance systems, factory modernization, energy cost saving and social welfare development.

We are proud of the harmonious industrial environment on our tea gardens where human resources and industrial relations exist side by side with the company continuing to invest in skills development, health, sanitation and housing each year.

  A great cup of Ceylon tea starts in the soil.  

  High Grown  

Sri Lanka is fortunate to have widely diverse climatic conditions and the effect of these diverse conditions on Sri Lankan high grown tea production is amazing. The diversity creates high grown teas which are unique to each other in taste and character making them unmatched and possessing a taste of their own.

There are four gaps that determine quality levels at Nuwara Eliya; on the North East leading into the Kothmale valley, on the South East to the province of Uva, on the west to the Dimbulla valley and on the East to Kandapola and Udupussellawa

Depending on the altitude at which it is grown, twelve of our tea estates situated in the Nuwara Eliya District manufacture the finest high grown tea in Sri Lanka, reputed for their exquisite flavours and aroma and categorized as high growns. In addition to the other attractions the center of the country has to offer; a healing climate, beautiful scenery, wooded wilderness and flowery meadows, the land of these estates also yield champagne teas. The mist which rises from the ground like the steam from a cup of tea is not only a beautiful sight but carry all the ingredients for the enhancement of the quality of our high grown tea. The dehydrating monsoon winds produce a strange ingenuous character in the tender leaves which is unique to the region. The combination of the air which is always scented with the fragrance of the “Queen of the Night” that grows in abundance around the factories, and mentholated with cypress gives our high grown teas a unique character recognized by connoisseurs of Ceylon tea around the world.

This tea when brewed is light in colour but has an exquisite flavour and aroma. Give it time to brew and drink it straight.

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