Speciality Tea

Ceylon Tea has a world of its own, with so many varieties, green tea, black tea, white tea and specialty teas. Being one of the top Sri Lankan speciality tea manufacturers, we ensure that each Ceylon speciality tea has its own unique Talawakelle tea signature... Our Ceylon speciality teas are undoubtedly a grade above the ones commonly available and often flavored or scented to fill out the taste profile.

Some of the Ceylon Specialty Tea produced by Talawakelle Tea Estates are:

  • Bearwell Estate - Silver Blossom
  • Deniyaya Estate - Bud Tea
  • Dessford Estate - Abbotsford Special
  • Dessford Estate - Silver Bell
  • Great Western Estate - Curl Tips
  • Great Western Estate - Golden Dragon
  • Great Western Estate - Tea Coin
  • Mattakelle Estate - Red Premium
  • Radella Estate - Green Curl
  • Mattakelle Estate - Red Premium
  • Wattegoda Estate - Monkey Frost